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Daily Digest – February 19. Judge Dismisses Complaint Against Collector; The Right Way to Hire, Train, and Treat Employees

JUDGE DISMISSES COMPLAINT AGAINST COLLECTOR FOR LACK OF SUBJECT-MATTER JURISDICTION A District Court judge in Pennsylvania has denied a collection agency’s motion to dismiss a complaint that it violated state law in Georgia and Pennsylvania as moot, instead dismissing the complaint on his own, ruling that the Court lacked subject-matter …

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Daily Digest – February 17. Student Loan Collection Bill Introduced in Colorado; Bill Introduced in Maryland to Overhaul Collection of Medical Debts

STUDENT LOAN COLLECTION BILL INTRODUCED IN COLORADO Legislators in Colorado are moving forward with a bill aimed at overhauling student loan collection in the state, which, if enacted would create several conflicts with the Colorado Fair Debt Collection Practices Act for debt collectors. BILL INTRODUCED IN MARYLAND TO OVERHAUL COLLECTION …

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Daily Digest – February 9. Bedard Breaks Down Location Information Provisions; Student Loan Collection Overhaul Being Discussed in Colorado

BEDARD BREAKS DOWN RULE’S PROVISIONS RELATED TO LOCATION INFORMATION In issuing its debt collection rule, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau had the opportunity to update a rule that had been left largely untouched since it went into effect more than 40 years ago. And, as has been discussed in previous …

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Daily Digest – February 8. CFPB Investigating Venmo Over Collection Practices; N.M. Legislature Advances Medical Collection Bill

CFPB INVESTIGATING VENMO OVER DEBT COLLECTION PRACTICES The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is investigating the debt collection practices of Venmo, the digital money transfer service operated by PayPal, the company announced on Friday in a regulatory filing. Venmo has received a Civil Investigative Demand from the CFPB on January 21, …

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