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Former Agency Owner, ACA President, Passes Away

Leon Snyder, a former president of ACA International who founded Credit Adjustment Bureau of Baltimore, passed away on Nov. 25. He was 95. Snyder, who worked until he was 82 according to an obituary, founded the agency out of his home in 1958 with his wife, Beatrice, after spending time …

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TikTokker Going Viral For Offering ‘Debt Pro Tips’

A former debt collector has become a viral sensation on TikTok for sharing videos that aim to help consumers be better prepared when taking calls from collection agencies. Collection agencies should take note of this because a lot of people are watching the videos and will be attempting to follow …

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Agencies Triple Amount Collected for IRS

The Private Debt Collection program where a handful of collection agencies are working accounts on behalf of the Internal Revenue Service nearly tripled the amount of money it collected during the 2019 fiscal year, compared with a year earlier, and nearly tripled its profits as well. The data was released …

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