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MRS BPO has been at the forefront of optimizing its customer experience, going as far as to develop its own conversational IVR to help consumers address many of the reasons why they would need to call a collection agency without having to speak to a collector. The technology only works, though, because of the analysis and work that MRS puts into understanding how consumers interact with the company.
Steven Keith from CX Pilots focuses his work in the financial services industry and helps companies understand the journeys that consumers take — and don’t take — when interacting with a company in this sector.
If you listen to your customers, you will learn how to better serve them without necessarily having to spend a lot of money. Customers have a choice about which debts to repay. Are you going to do what it takes to make sure you are the one they pay back first?
Harry Strausser has been in the debt collection industry for 40 years and have seen the industry undergo a revolution in recent years as it places new emphasis on customer experience. In this video, Harry talks about the sea change that is impacting the industry and how collection agencies need to adapt to this new dynamic.
Persuading a consumer to make a payment on a debt is all about trust. The consumer has to trust the collectors in order to make a decision to pay a debt. Integrated marketing allows collection agencies to develop a consistent message so that regardless of how a consumer interacts with an agency – online, over the phone, via email or text – a consumer can understand what that agency stands for.
The collections industry has long been focused on the transaction — getting a consumer on the phone and trying to get him or her to repay a debt. But more agencies are looking to change the nature of the relationship between themselves and consumers to one that is focused on a relationship. How does an agency go about doing that? Watch this interview with Customer Experience expert Jeannie Walters to find out.
Have you tried paying a bill like you’re asking consumers to do? Collection agencies need to look at their processes from the perspective of the consumer to ensure all touchpoints are seamless and consistent. In this interview, Lis Hubert and Diana Sonis from CX by Design share tips to help accomplish that objective.
If a customer sends an email or a text message and then decides to call an agent, will the agent see that email or text message in time? Are your communications being uploaded in real time, to help your collectors know exactly why someone might be calling? In this interview, Shantanu Gangal from Prodigal shares his insights about the importance of system integration.
Being proactive is an important component of optimizing the process of customer experience. Identifying trends and shifting dynamics and responding to them quickly will help companies improve how consumers interact with them. In this video, noted CX expert Kia Puhm shares her tips to help companies proactively monitor and improve their customer experience processes.
In order to know whether something is working, it needs to be tested. This is especially true in customer experience. Using different processes, companies can identify which ideas and changes will resonate most with consumers. In this interview, Tyler Wonderlic from Balto shares insights to help companies with their testing methodologies.
Text messaging is becoming an important component of an effective customer experience program. In this interview, Brian Elrod from Text Request shares insights from helping send millions of text messages to help collection agencies set up an effective text messaging operation.

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