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Creditor Agrees to $2.2 Million TCPA Settlement

A proposed settlement has been reached in a case in which the financing unit of Nissan Motors was accused of violating the Telephone Consumer Protection Act by calling the cell phones of individuals who did not have accounts with the creditor using an automatic telephone dialing system without first obtaining …

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Citibank Urges Judge Not to Certify TCPA Collection Suit

It is impossible to determine a class of wrong-number recipients to debt collection calls because doing so requires an account-by-account review of each alleged wrong number call, according to a motion filed by Citibank, which is facing a Telephone Consumer Protection Act lawsuit for allegedly calling an individual’s cell phone …

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Collection Agency Owner Indicted in Pay-To-Play Scandal

The owner of a Pennsylvania collection agency has been indicted on six counts of fraud for allegedly steering money to a county clerks in Illinois and Florida in exchange for debt collection accounts. Donald Donagher Jr., the owner of Penn Credit, is accused of donating thousands of dollars to the …

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