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Schedule for Monday, October 25, 2021
(all times ET)

8am — Dealing With Identity Theft (From 9/29/2021)
9am — The Reassigned Number Database and Regulation F: Everything You Need to Know (From 8/17/2021)
10am — How You’re Likely to Screw Up the Model Validation Notice (From 3/10/2021)
11am — Pre-Recorded Message Cases Under TCPA – What You Need to Know (From 6/28/2021)
12pm — The Main Event: Leaving Messages is a Good Idea (From 8/24/2021)
1pm — The Importance of Establishing Relationships With Consumer Attorneys (From 6/3/2021)
2pm — You’ve Been Sued Under Hunstein. Now What (From 5/5/2021)
3pm — What Policies and Procedures Do You Need to Have? (From 7/22/2021)
4pm — Do You Have a Cyber Insurance Plan and is it the Right One? (From 10/18/2021)
5pm — Getting Your Company to Buy Into Your Policies and Procedures (From 9/13/2021)
6pm — Negotiation Strategies to Maximize Recoveries (From 8/12/2021)

Schedule for Tuesday, October 26, 2021
(all times ET)

8am — Opportunities in the Global Collections Market (6/7/2021)
9am — Collecting from Individuals With Limited English Proficiency (From 4/5/2021)
10am — Debt Settlement 101 (From 7/21/2021)
11am — California Licensing Law Q&A (From 10/4/2021)
12pm — Perfecting Call Calibration Sessions (From 8/23/2021)
1pm — All the Hidden Problems With Regulation F (From 7/15/2021)
2pm — Handling the Dynamics of Family-Owned Businesses (From 4/7/2021)
3pm — The Main Event: Do Credit Repair Organizations Help or Hurt Consumers (From 10/19/2021)
4pm — Developing the Optimal and Compliant Workflow for Your Law Firm (From 9/15/2021)
5pm — Plaintiff’s Attorneys Sound Off on Regulation F (From 8/10/2021)
6pm — Technology That is Making Collectors More Efficient and Productive (From 9/27/2021)

Schedule for Wednesday, October 27, 2021
(all times ET)

8am — Role-Playing Negotiation Scenarios (From 9/24/21)
9am — A Deep Dive on Your Electronic Communications Policies & Procedures (From 8/31/2021)
10am — Talk-Off, Episode 10 (From 7/22/2021)
11am — TransUnion v. Ramirez (From 6/30/2021)
12pm — Strategies for Retaining and Training Remote Agents (From 6/22/2021)
1pm — What Does a Good Anti-Hunstein Case Look Like? (From 7/8/2021)
2pm — Making the Decision to Go Legal: How to Know When to File Collection Lawsuits (From 8/19/2021)
3pm — Sending Collection Letters After the Model Validation Notice (From 10/20/2021)
4pm — How to Boost Your Profit Margins (From 9/28/2021)
5pm — The Best Rebuttals (From 9/8/2021)
6pm — Working with Consumers Who Have Filed for Bankruptcy (From 8/16/2021)

Schedule for Thursday, October 28, 2021
(all times ET)

8am — Role-Playing and Discussing Different Talk-Off Scenarios (From 8/27/2021)
9am — The Mistakes Collection Operations Make When Buying Products and Services (From 4/9/2021)
10am — Vicarious Liability in Debt Collections: Holding Debt Buyers Liable For the Actions of Collectors (From 6/24/2021)
11am — Ask The Legal Expert (From 6/25/2021)
12pm — Getting Involved in Your State Collectors Association (From 4/20/2021)
1pm — How to Identify and Assess Acquisition Targets (From 8/11/2021)
2pm — Talk-Off, Episode 12 (From 8/19/2021)
3pm — Why Aren’t You Texting and Emailing Yet? Overcoming Objections Against Texting and Emailing (From 7/21/2021)
4pm — Tips for Collecting E-SIGN Consent (From 10/21/2021)
5pm — Finding and Hiring New Collectors (From 10/5/2021)
6pm — How Regulation F and the FDCPA Will Work Together (From 9/14/2021)

Schedule for Friday, October 29, 2021
(all times ET)

8am — Developing the Optimal Workflow for Your Collection Process (From 8/4/2021)
9am — Is There Still a Place in the ARM Industry for a Small Agency? (From 7/16/2021)
10am — How to Respond to Consumer Complaints and Not Make Things Worse (From 7/2/2021)
11am — A Conversation With Plaintiff’s Attorneys About Disputes (From 9/1/2021)
12pm — How to Best Score Your Accounts (From 9/22/2021)
1pm — Building The Perfect Collector (From 4/8/2021)
2pm — How to Grow Your Early Out Collection Business (From 4/26/2021)
3pm — FDCPA Litigation Trends in 2021 (From 5/12/2021)
4pm — Best Practices When Collecting Past the Statute of Limitations (From 10/22/2021)
5pm — Talk-Off, Episode 20 (From 10/14/2021)
6pm — Building an Omnichannel Communication Strategy to Comply With Reg F (From 9/20/2021)