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Daily Digest – March 5. FDCPA Class Action Filed Against Debt Buyer, Collector; Online Lender’s Collection Practices Under Investigation

FDCPA CLASS-ACTION FILED AGAINST DEBT BUYER, COLLECTOR A class-action lawsuit has been filed in federal court in New Jersey, alleging that a debt buyer and the collector it hired allegedly violated the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act because it sent a collection letter to an individual without the debt buyer …

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Daily Digest – March 2. Judge Grants MSJ For Defense Against 31 of 32 Plaintiffs in FDCPA Case; PRA Group Discloses CFPB Looking Into Possible Violations of Consent Order

JUDGE GRANTS MSJ FOR DEFENSE AGAINST 31 OF 32 PLAINTIFFS IN FDCPA CASE A District Court judge in Indiana has largely granted summary judgment in favor of a defendant that was sued for violating the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act because it allegedly contacting individuals who indicated they were represented …

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Daily Digest – March 1. Appeals Court Upholds Dismissal of Third-Party Disclosure Case; Advocacy Calls Changes to Debt Collection Rule

APPEALS COURT UPHOLDS DISMISSAL OF FDCPA THIRD-PARTY DISCLOSURE CASE Even though its representative may not have followed the exact protocols for placing a location information call, the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals has upheld the dismissal of a Fair Debt Collection Practices Act case against a collection agency because the …

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Daily Digest – February 24. Bill Introduced in Senate to Ban ‘Extraordinary’ Collection of Medical Debt; Judge Denies Attorney’s Withdrawal Request

BILL INTRODUCED IN SENATE TO BAN ‘EXTRAORDINARY’ COLLECTION ACTIONS OF MEDICAL DEBT A bill has been reintroduced in the Senate that would prohibit healthcare providers and their agents from engaging in “extraordinary collection actions” until the COVID-19 pandemic is over or 18 months after the law is enacted. JUDGE DENIES …

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Daily Digest – February 23. Bedard Discusses Exceptions to Cease Communication Requests; Judge Denies MTD Over Dispute Reinvestigation

BEDARD DISCUSSES EXCEPTIONS TO CEASE COMMUNICATION REQUESTS When it released its debt collection rule, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau did not make a lot of changes to how the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act restricts the use of harassing, oppressive, and abusive behavior, but it did make some subtle changes, …

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