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Daily Digest – February 14. Class Action Accuses Creditor of Voiding Payment Arrangement; Appeals Court Rules in Collection Attorney Case

CLASS ACTION ACCUSES CREDITOR OF VOIDING PAYMENT ARRANGEMENT A plaintiff has filed a class-action lawsuit against a creditor and two collection agencies for not honoring the terms of a payment plan that she entered with the creditor, accusing them of violating the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and state collection …

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Daily Digest – February 13. Judge Grants MTD Over Use of Process Server; Application for Collection License Leads to Enforcement Action

JUDGE GRANTS MTD IN FDCPA CLAIM THAT USING PROCESS SERVER VIOLATED THIRD-PARTY DISCLOSURE A District Court judge in Michigan has granted a defendant’s motion to dismiss a Fair Debt Collection Practices Act case, ruling the third-party disclosure provision of the law was not violated when the defendant hired a process …

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Daily Digest – February 7. Collector Facing Class-Action for Allegedly Communicating After Cease-and-Desist; Coming to RMAI in Search of Answers

COLLECTOR FACING CLASS ACTION FOR ALLEGEDLY COMMUNICATING AFTER RECEIVING CEASE-AND-DESIST For all the new and novel theories that are being tested with respect to lawsuits against companies in the accounts receivable management industry, there are no shortage of suit alleging that defendants are not doing the everyday things that they …

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Daily Digest – February 1. Behind the Curtain with Matt Maloney; Calif. Appeals Court Upholds Denial in RFDCPA Case

BEHIND THE CURTAIN: MATT MALONEY FFAM360’s Matt Maloney may have been born into the accounts receivable management industry, but he’s not stuck in the past when it comes to collecting debts. Investments in technology and understanding the importance of surrounding yourself with smart people have helped Maloney grow FFAM360 into …

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