Training Bytes

Episode 1: Negotiating a Payment Plan

In this episode, Mary Shores — creator of the Collection Advantage program — walks through the components of an effective negotiating strategy when on the phone with a consumer.

Episode 2: How to End Calls With a ‘Thank You’ From the Consumer

Seems too good to be true, doesn’t it? But it’s not. By doing things like making sure the consumer feels like he or she has been heard and understood and eliminating negative language, collectors can end calls with consumers on a much more positive note.

Episode 3: The Art of Asking Questions

It’s not enough to tell collectors to be empathetic. You have to show them how to do it. Empathy, when used correctly by asking the right questions, can open up any conversation between a collector and a consumer.

Episode 4: The Biggest Secret in Collections

The person on the other end of the phone is not the enemy. For collectors, it is important to view the conversation as collaborative and not a win-or-lose situation.

Training Bytes #5 – The Things Consumers Wished Collectors Knew

Consumers have dreams and desires. If collectors keep that in mind, they will approach their conversations with consumers differently. While they may not have intended to go into debt, consumers often do not possess the financial literacy to help themselves. Helping relay information can be a powerful tool to help collectors.

Training Bytes #6 – The Four Traits That Level 10 Collectors Possess

Are you creating a connection or conflict? Level 10 Collectors are connectors, who are great at using positive language and empathy to talk about solutions, not problems. By focusing on the outcome, collectors can begin with the end in mind and have more successful collection calls.

Training Bytes #7 – How Practice Can Help Motivate Your Collectors

Generally, things that are sticky are not things that are sought after and desired. But when it comes to practice and training, that needs to be sticky to be effective. Because how many times have you set up a training session for your collectors, watched them walk back to their desks and use it for a few calls, only to go back to doing it the old way by the end of the day?

Training Bytes #8 – What Do I Say When …

Collectors may think they have heard every question in the book, but now and then, a consumer asks a question that they have never heard before, and the collector is stumped. To help address these unique situations, Mary Shores walks through a series of steps to help agencies train collectors, especially newer ones who might not have a lot of experience, in answering questions they have never heard before.

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