You Wanted a Rule; You Got a Rule

Episode 1: How We Got Here

In the first episode of this new video series, John Bedard of the Bedard Law Group walks us through the process that has led us to the precipice of a new debt collection rule being released by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

Episode 2: How to Properly Digest the 653 Pages of the Rule

While a definite page-turner, the CFPB’s debt collection rule should not be read like a traditional book. In this episode, John Bedard breaks down how to properly digest the rule and in what order the rule should be read to ensure maximum comprehension.

Episode 3: Section 1006.1 and (most of) 1006.2

In this episode of “You Wanted a Rule, You Got a Rule,” John Bedard of the Bedard Law Group starts to break down the specific sections of the CFPB’s debt collection rule. Up first — Section 1006.1, Authority, purpose, and coverage, and most of Section 1006.2, definitions.

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