Robot Lawyer Pivots to Consumer Rights Areas

A company that built what it billed as the world’s first robot lawyer is now pivoting away from that following threats of jail time for the company’s owner and is instead focusing its technology on other areas, including a couple that involve the accounts receivable management industry. When I mention …

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How Consumers Determine Which Bills to Pay

Getting into the heads of consumers is an important part of being a good debt collector and a good debt collection agency. Knowing how consumers prioritize what bills they are going to pay and which ones they might not can be incredibly useful in scoring accounts, prioritizing which accounts to …

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QR-Based Payment Platform Expanding into the U.S.

If you are an agency that is still trying to figure out how to be able to accept payments via PayPal or Venmo, you are now two steps behind, because a new instant payment technology for financial institutions has expanded into the United States after a successful launch in Brazil. …

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Reg F Did Little to Push Agencies Into Using Email, Text: Survey

Regulation F has had “little effect” on the communication methods used by third-party debt collectors, with email communications placing a “distant third” behind letters and phone calls attempting to get in touch with consumers to pay their unpaid debts, according to a report released yesterday by TransUnion on the third-party …

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Data Breach at Wash. Collection Agency Impacts 3.7M Consumers

A Washington-based collection agency has reported a data breach to the Attorney General of Maine after being the target of a ransomware attack last year that compromised the personal information of more than 3 million people, according to published reports. Attorneys have already started looking for individuals whose information may …

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Inovatec, Clik2pay Partner to Make Collecting Debts Simpler

Inovatec and Clik2pay have announced an integration that will allow Inovatec’s clients to request payment from consumers using Clik2pay’s direct-from-account platform, making it easier for lenders to collect on unpaid debts from consumers, the two companies announced. Lenders will be able to communicate with consumers via email and collect payments …

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