Robocall Numbers Take Big Drop

Lost amid the many larger problems affecting individuals across the United States and the world is an interesting data point that should make executives across the credit and collection industry feel more optimistic: the number of robocalls has plunged significantly during the past eight months. That decline, however, is likely …

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Company Raises $52M to Apply Advanced Technology to Collections

A technology platform based in Canada that helps consumers “self-cure” their debts has raised $52 million for, among other things, to help the company expand into the United States. The company, called Symend, says it seeks to replace legacy collection systems with a more robust operation that enables “evidenced-based recommended …

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FCC Formally Announces STIR/SHAKEN Deadline

Meeting via conference call yesterday, the Federal Communications Commission has formally adopted a rule that will require phone carriers to deploy STIR/SHAKEN call authentication technology by June 30, 2021. STIR/SHAKEN is technology that allows a carrier to verify the caller ID information matches the caller’s actual phone number. It is …

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Arbeit Software Becomes ‘Arbeit,’ Celebrating New Brand and Direction

TONAWANDA, N.Y., March 4, 2020 ( – Arbeit Software, a leading provider of communication software solutions, is now Arbeit, signifying a refreshed brand and exciting growth. Arbeit got its start with a powerful broadcast dialer designed for the accounts receivables management industry. Arbeit has since expanded its product offerings to include a TCPA Compliant Dialing …

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Google Rolls Out Automatic Call Screening to More Devices

Google has announced that it is expanding its Automatic Call Screening technology to all Pixel phone users, including those that are using older models. Previously, Google had made the technology available just to users of its Pixel 4 devices. The feature has been added to Google’s “Call Screen” product, and …

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