15M Could Lose Medicaid Coverage When Pandemic Ends: Study

When the federal government declares the COVID-19 public health emergency to finally be over, as many as 15 million individuals could lose their health insurance coverage through Medicaid, according to a new study, which would likely result in a lot more medical debt to be collected for the accounts receivable …

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California Legislature Passes AB1020

The California state Senate has followed the Assembly in passing AB1020, a bill that would restrict hospitals from selling certain patient debts, require collectors to certify that patients have been screened for public programs and financial assistance before filing a collection lawsuit, and extend the period before a debt could …

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Report Ties Medical Debts to BK Filings

Offering a “microcosm” of the “national problem” of the financial issues caused by illness and injuries leading to individuals being forced to file for bankruptcy protection, a state consumer advocacy group has published a report detailing that 60% of bankruptcy filings included some form of medical debt. The report, which …

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Arizona Group Pushing For Medical Debt Collection Law

After watching medical debt collection laws pass in a number of states this year, including Nevada and Maryland, the accounts receivable management industry might want to pay attention to what is now going on in Arizona, as a ballot initiative has been started to get a “Predatory Debt Collection Practices …

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