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Daily Digest – March 13. Judge Denies Defendant’s MSJ in FCRA Case Over Duplicate Reporting; Tax Season Languishing for ARM Industry

JUDGE DENIES DEFENDANT’S MSJ IN FCRA CASE OVER DUPLICATE REPORTING A District Court judge in Illinois has denied a defendant’s motion for summary judgment in a Fair Credit Reporting Act case, determining that the defendant did not conduct a reasonable investigation into the plaintiff’s dispute because it did not actually …

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Daily Digest – March 3. Complaint Accuses Defendant of Contacting Abusive Ex; Judge Partially Denies MJOP In Texting Case

COMPLAINT ACCUSES DEFENDANT OF CONTACTING PLAINTIFF’S ABUSIVE EX AND MAKING THIRD-PARTY DISCLOSURES A collection operation has been sued for allegedly violating the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act because it contacted an ex-boyfriend of the plaintiff and disclosed “previously unknown personal details” to the ex-boyfriend, leading him to resume abusive contact …

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Daily Digest – March 1. Judge Dismisses FDCPA Class Action Over Arbitration Clause with Debt Buyer; Digital Collections Having Big Impact at PRA Group

JUDGE GRANTS MTD IN FDCPA CLASS ACTION OVER ARBITRATION CLAUSE WITH DEBT BUYER A District Court judge in Maryland has granted a defendant’s motion to compel arbitration and dismiss a Fair Debt Collection Practices Act class action, ruling that an underlying collection suit did not violate the terms of the …

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