Getting to Know

Getting to Know Bob Burnside of Telrock Systems

Chances are, from the sound of it, if there is a job somewhere inside a collection operation, Bob Burnside has done it, and likely done it well. Recognizing that spending more than three decades in the industry is an accomplishment in and of itself, Bob doesn’t take his longevity and …

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Getting to Know Sarah Ritter of CSO Financial

Sarah Ritter’s start in the collection industry is something out of a movie. Getting a new job, and then almost immediately watching her supervisor and the senior collector quit, leaving her to figure it all out on her own. Twenty-three years later, she is now the president of collections at …

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Getting to Know Reid Miller of DAKCS

A lot of the things we use and are amazed at every day started with “wouldn’t it be cool if … ” It’s that kind of commitment to improvement that also drives Reid Miller and why he has been able to carve out a career as someone who helps companies …

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