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Daily Digest – August 2. Discount Language in Letter Leads to Class-Action; Judge Grants MSJ for Defense Over Tax Language

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CLASS-ACTION ACCUSES COLLECTOR OF VIOLATING FDCPA THROUGH DISCOUNT LANGUAGE IN LETTER A class-action complaint has been filed against a debt collector for allegedly violating the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act because of the language it used in a letter offering the plaintiff opportunities to repay the debt by making less …

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Daily Digest – July 29. Complaint Accuses Collector of Noting Account was Disputed; Financial Situation Getting Worse for Consumers

COMPLAINT ACCUSES COLLECTOR OF INCORRECTLY NOTING ACCOUNT WAS DISPUTED A complaint has been filed in federal court in the District Court for the Eastern District of California, accusing a collector of violating the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act by allegedly incorrectly marking an account as disputed after receiving a letter …

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Daily Digest – July 27. Judge Partially Grants MSJ for Defendant in FDCPA Case; Lender to Pay $19M For Credit Reporting ‘Failures’

JUDGE PARTIALLY GRANTS DEFENDANT’S MSJ IN FDCPA CASE OVER LOCATION INFORMATION CALLS A District Court judge in New York has partially granted a defendant’s motion for summary judgment, denied the plaintiff’s motion for summary judgment in a Fair Debt Collection Practices Act case involving a pair of location information calls …

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