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Daily Digest – Sept. 18. CFPB Reverses Stance, Now Agrees Leadership Structure is Unconstitutional; Agency Execs Share Tips to Hire Best Collectors

CFPB REVERSES STANCE, NOW AGREES LEADERSHIP STRUCTURE IS UNCONSTITUTIONAL The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau yesterday admitted that its leadership structure is unconstitutional, agreeing with a law firm suing the agency that the Supreme Court should hear arguments on the topic. AGENCY EXECUTIVES SHARE TIPS TO HELP HIRE THE BEST COLLECTORS …

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Article Shares ‘True Confessions’ From Collectors

Truth be told, anytime someone in the credit and collection industry sees a headline in a mainstream media outlet that declares: “True confessions: What it’s like to be a debt collector,” they likely cover their eyes as they scroll down the page and worry about anecdotes that portray collection agencies …

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Federal Gov’t Taking Notice of Increase in Healthcare Lawsuits

All of the published reports highlighting the hospital networks, especially non-profit facilities, which have been filing lawsuits against former patients with unpaid debts has made its way to Washington, D.C., and the federal government appears ready to do something about it. During a speech last week to the American Hospital …

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