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CFPB Proposes Rule to Cap Credit Card Late Fees

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau yesterday issued a proposed rule seeking to lower credit card late fees at $8, bring an end to the automatic inflation adjustment that occurs annually, and cap late fees at 25% of the minimum payment owed by the cardholder. The proposal would save consumers as …

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Getting to Know Heather Radcliffe of Resident Interface

It seems like there is a connection between Heather Radcliffe ending up in the accounts receivable management industry and he desire to work with animals or in nursing if she had to choose a different career path, doesn’t it? Taking care of people is in her DNA and it’s that …

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Matt Maloney on the Importance of Being Curious

FFAM360’s Matt Maloney may have been born into the accounts receivable management industry, but he’s not stuck in the past when it comes to collecting debts. Investments in technology and understanding the importance of surrounding yourself with smart people have helped Maloney grow FFAM360 into an operation with six different …

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23 Companies Seeking Collection Talent

During this, The Great Resignation Era, I thought it would be helpful to start a regular posting of different jobs within the accounts receivable management industry that I have found online. Please make sure to do your own due diligence before applying for a position included here or accepting any …

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