Regulator Releases Tool to Help Fight Ransomware Attacks

If you were attending the Florida Collectors Association annual conference last week — either in person or virtually — you likely heard Jeremy Mapes discuss the growing problem of ransomware attacks. A company falls victim to a ransomware attack every 14 seconds, according to one data source. To help companies …

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FCC Adopts Rules To Combat Call Spoofing

The Federal Communications Commission yesterday announced the adoption of a number of new rules aimed at getting voice service providers to have STIR/SHAKEN protocols ready by the agency’s deadline of June 30, 2021, while also prohibiting those providers from adding line-item charges to customers’ bills for the caller ID technology. …

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Attunely Raises $9M in Funding

Attunely, the startup that uses machine learning to help companies maximize their recoveries, yesterday announced it had raised $9 million in additional financing to help fund its growth. A number of investors were part of this round of financing, including Framework Venture Partners, Anthos Capital, and Vulcan Capital. As part …

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AmSher Continues to Lead Innovation in Accounts Receivable Services Industry with Pairity AI

Birmingham, Ala.– AmSher, a leading specialized accounts receivable service company, announced today that it has selected Pairity AI for account scoring to boost compliant Right-Party Contact and maximize debt recovery.  “We have honed our credit-based modeling and scoring with our proprietary predictive methodology,” says AmSher President, Seth DeForest. “But we …

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FBI, CISA Warn of Increase in Attacks on Remote Workers

Hackers are getting wise to the fact that a lot of people are working from home due to the coronavirus pandemic and are seeking to take advantage of that fact by calling individuals and pretending to be IT workers from their companies, trying to trick the individuals into divulging sensitive …

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Study Busts Robocall Myths

The number of robocalls being made every month is staying pretty much the same, and individuals who answer robocalls are not more likely to get more of them than people who do not answer robocalls, are two of the conclusions reached by researchers from North Carolina State University, who analyzed …

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