Cap One Fined $80M by Regulator for Data Breach

Capital One Bank has been fined $80 million by the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency for its failures that resulted in a data breach that compromised the personal information of more than 100 million of the bank’s customers. A former employee of Amazon Web Services has been charged …

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Artificial Intelligence Week is Coming

It might be one of the biggest mis-conceptions in the accounts receivable management industry today. Ask 10 different professionals to define either artificial intelligence or machine learning and you will likely get 10 different definitions with very little in common between them. But this technology is starting to revolutionize the …

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Healthcare Collection Agency Announces Data Breach

A company that provides billing and collection services to healthcare providers has announced a data breach that compromised the personal records of more than 274,000 individuals representing several of the agency’s clients after a malware incident allowed a hacker to access the company’s systems. Benefit Recovery Specialists, Inc., based in …

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FCC Announces Formation of Hospital Robocall Group

As required under the TRACED Act, the Federal Communications Commission has launched the formation of a Hospital Robocall Protection Group, detailed who is part of the group, and announced its first meeting, to be held virtually later this month. The objective of the group is to develop best practices on …

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Robocall Numbers Take Big Drop

Lost amid the many larger problems affecting individuals across the United States and the world is an interesting data point that should make executives across the credit and collection industry feel more optimistic: the number of robocalls has plunged significantly during the past eight months. That decline, however, is likely …

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Company Raises $52M to Apply Advanced Technology to Collections

A technology platform based in Canada that helps consumers “self-cure” their debts has raised $52 million for, among other things, to help the company expand into the United States. The company, called Symend, says it seeks to replace legacy collection systems with a more robust operation that enables “evidenced-based recommended …

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