Verizon Rolls Out Automatic Call Blocking on Android Phones

Verizon announced yesterday that customers using Android smartphones will now automatically be enrolled in the carrier’s free Call Filter service, which blocks robocalls and sends them directly to voicemail while also putting a warning label on caller IDs about calls that could potentially be fraudulent or spam. Customers previously had …

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AT&T, T-Mobile Announce Deployment of SHAKEN/STIR Protocols

AT&T and T-Mobile announced yesterday that they are rolling out call authentication technology for calls placed between their two networks, which marks the latest step in a mandate from the Federal Communications Commission for carriers to deploy the technology, known as SHAKEN/STIR, by the end of this year. Once deployed, …

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New App Unveiled to Automatically Block Calls

Companies in the credit and collection space might want to add a new app to the growing list of products and services they need to check against to make sure their calls are not being blocked or mis-labeled as fraud or spam. A published report highlights the release of an …

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How Robocall Blocking Apps May Be Violating Your Privacy

An interesting little article was published yesterday about all of those robocall-killing apps that collection agencies are being forced to deal with, and how those apps may be invading the privacy of the people who are using them. A security company looked at the privacy policies of the top “10-15 …

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