Scam Call Volume Doubles in 2021: T-Mobile

The number of scam call attempts per month more than doubled from the start of 2021 to the end, according to a report that was released yesterday by T-Mobile. The cellular carrier revealed that there were 2.5 billion scam call attempts in November, compared with 1.1 billion in January. Also, …

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No-Code Collection Platform Raises $16M

Receeve, a German collection and recovery platform that is currently focusing on the European and South American markets, announced that it has secured ABN Amro — the third-largest bank in the Netherlands not only as a client, but also an investor, part of a $16 million investment round. Receeve, whose …

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Ontario Systems to Offer New Digital Patient Engagement Solution via Flywire Partnership

BURLINGTON, Mass., Sept. 23, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Ontario Systems, a leading provider of enterprise workflow automation software – which accelerates revenue recovery and removes friction from the payments process for clients in the accounts receivable management (ARM), healthcare, and government markets – today announced a timely partnership with Flywire Corporation(Nasdaq: FLYW) (Flywire) a global payments enablement …

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New Platform Offers ‘Innovative’ Options to Repay Debts

Seeking to offer consumers more ways to settle their unpaid debts, a husband and wife team from Wisconsin have launched a new platform that was recently profiled in a media publication. Called Debtle, the platform offers creditors the opportunity to accept “alternative payments” beyond traditional checks and credit and debit …

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Radius Global Solutions Partners With

September 10, 2021 — announced today a partnership with Radius Global Solutions to deploy its agent engagement tools across its global network.    By using the platform, Radius will enhance its engagement with its remote contact center agents. This will improve overall compliance and client performance as well as …

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I Type, Therefore I Am

What do people think of engaging with chatbots when visiting a company’s website? For the most part, people do not like to be duped into thinking they are interacting with a real person, but when the chatbot makes a mistake or is unable to resolve a problem, people were actually …

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