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Member Profile: Getting To Know Rozanne Andersen

Rozanne Andersen has been a household name in the collections industry for more than two decades. She has established herself as one of the most intelligent and insightful professionals in an industry that is full of intelligent and insightful professionals, and is one of the people that the experts turn …

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Member Profile: Getting to Know Jason Davis

The collections industry is filled with stories of people who have worked their way up from starting as a collection agent. Jason Davis should stand as a testament to what is possible for those who are just getting started in the industry. In 15 years, Davis has gone from being …

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Member Profile: Getting to Know Roger Weiss

As a long-suffering fan of the Chicago Cubs (until recently, of course), Roger Weiss needed to develop a great sense of humor to deal with year after year of frustration and futility. But now that the Cubs have ended a 108-year drought and won the World Series, that doesn’t mean …

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Member Profile: Getting to Know Jody Bellflower

Jody Bellflower came to collections in a very indirect way; he used to be a professional golfer. Now a vice president ay CBA of Georgia, Bellflower spends more time putting out fires with clients than putting. Always anxious to learn and always willing to take time to talk shop, Bellflower is exactly …

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Member Profile: Getting to Know Adam Parks

Everyone knows someone who you wonder how they get everything done. They always seem to have a million projects on the go, but they appear calm and collected and aren’t pulling their hair out like you no doubt would be. Adam Parks is one of those people. Already running a successful marketing agency and …

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Member Profile: Getting To Know Nick Jarman

Nick Jarman recently took the bold leap of leaving the collection agency he helped start to launch his own consulting firm, RightAway Consulting & Coaching. One of the most well-known and well-respected members of the industry, he took time out from building his new empire to share some details about him and how …

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Member Profile: Getting to Know Kelly Knepper-Stephens

In a relatively short period of time, Kelly Knepper-Stephens has asserted herself as one of the most knowledgeable compliance experts in the collections and debt-buying industry. She has participated in the SBREFA portion of the CFPB’s rulemaking process for both the debt collection rule and the arbitration rule. A frequent speaker on …

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Member Profile: Getting to Know Tom Haag

Tom Haag has spent more than a half-century in the collections business, taking over the family agency from his father. One of the most widely respected individuals in the industry, Haag has seen a lot during his career. Read on to see how close Tom got to realizing his dream job from …

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Member Profile: Getting to Know Michael Lamm

 To say that Michael Lamm has been destined for the collections industry may be an understatement. Lamm has had collections running through his blood since high school, when he works for his family’s law firm. Read on to learn more about the Managing Partner of Corporate Advisory Solutions, a consultant and partner to collection agencies …

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