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Member Profile: Getting to Know Daniel Rohrs

Daniel Rohrs is an unabashed apologist … for the game of baseball. And he’s also a big proponent of change in the collections industry. Rohrs spotlights numerous issues in how the industry is regulated and how that has spawned an industry for attorneys who are making very good livings out of …

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Member Profile: Getting To Know Dave Cherner

Dave Cherner has been involved on most sides of the ARM industry during his career. Having spent time working at ACA International, a collection agency, and now in the creditors’ remedies and bankruptcy practice group at a law firm, Cherner has a unique perspective on compliance and risk mitigation. That perspective …

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Member Profile: Getting to Know Tim Collins

Tim Collins is one of the most respected compliance experts in the ARM industry. Frequently sought after by anyone with a compliance-related question, Collins has a way of talking about compliance that makes it seem less complicated than it really is. It’s because he knows the subject matter so well, …

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Member Profile: Getting to Know LaDonna Bohling

LaDonna Bohling is the trainer’s trainer. She is the person that people in the industry, and even the industry’s largest trade groups, turn to when an expert is needed about talk about training. She is one of the leaders in a movement to teach the importance of treating consumers with respect …

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Member Profile: Getting to Know Tom Good

If only he could have been named Tom Better or Tom Best instead of Tom Good, his name would have been more fitting. Good may not be a strong enough adjective to describe Tom Good, a partner at the law firm of Barron & Newburger. Good is a respected legal …

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Member Profile: Getting To Know Rozanne Andersen

Rozanne Andersen has been a household name in the collections industry for more than two decades. She has established herself as one of the most intelligent and insightful professionals in an industry that is full of intelligent and insightful professionals, and is one of the people that the experts turn …

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Member Profile: Getting to Know Jason Davis

The collections industry is filled with stories of people who have worked their way up from starting as a collection agent. Jason Davis should stand as a testament to what is possible for those who are just getting started in the industry. In 15 years, Davis has gone from being …

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Member Profile: Getting to Know Roger Weiss

As a long-suffering fan of the Chicago Cubs (until recently, of course), Roger Weiss needed to develop a great sense of humor to deal with year after year of frustration and futility. But now that the Cubs have ended a 108-year drought and won the World Series, that doesn’t mean …

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