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Member Profile: Getting to Know Kelly Knepper-Stephens

In a relatively short period of time, Kelly Knepper-Stephens has asserted herself as one of the most knowledgeable compliance experts in the collections and debt-buying industry. She has participated in the SBREFA portion of the CFPB’s rulemaking process for both the debt collection rule and the arbitration rule. A frequent speaker on …

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Member Profile: Getting to Know Tom Haag

Tom Haag has spent more than a half-century in the collections business, taking over the family agency from his father. One of the most widely respected individuals in the industry, Haag has seen a lot during his career. Read on to see how close Tom got to realizing his dream job from …

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Member Profile: Getting to Know Michael Lamm

 To say that Michael Lamm has been destined for the collections industry may be an understatement. Lamm has had collections running through his blood since high school, when he works for his family’s law firm. Read on to learn more about the Managing Partner of Corporate Advisory Solutions, a consultant and partner to collection agencies …

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Member Profile: Getting To Know Jeff Howell

Jeff Howell is still getting settled in his new job at Cascade Receivables Management, but he has two decades of contacts and connections he can tap as the company’s first dedicated full-time salesperson. Howell is one of the most well-known and respected members of the industry and if something ever happens, he …

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Member Profile: Getting to Know Debra Ciskey

Debra Ciskey knows as much about compliance and the collections industry as anyone. At last week’s Northeast Debt Collections Expo, she gave two presentations and spoke for nearly two hours. For Ciskey, it was a fairly routine occurrence. For everyone else, it was a chance to take a lot of …

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Member Profile: Getting To Know David Mertz

David Mertz is not afraid to say that he thinks the industry should be acting as the driver of change and evolution, rather than the passenger. Mertz, a frequent speaker on topics related to compliance and data security, has spent the past three years at Global Debt Registry. As the administrator of the …

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Member Profile: Getting to Know Bill Lindala

Most collection-industry professionals do not spend their youths dreaming of becoming a collector. Bill Lindala is no exception to that rule, but having spent more than a quarter-century in the industry, he can’t imagine doing anything else. A certified instructor, Bill never needs a lot of prep time to rehearse …

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Member Profile: Getting to Know John Bedard

Any time I have called John Bedard and asked for his help, he has given it. Whether it is asking him to participate in a webinar, talking about a topic for an article, or just trying to understand whether a legal ruling is important, John has been there. There’s not …

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Member Profile: Getting to Know Jack Gordon

  Go to just about any industry conference and Jack Gordon will be there, likely talking to at least one or two industry professionals. Since starting WebRecon nearly a decade ago, Jack has become the go-to guy for collection agencies and debt buyers who want to make sure they aren’t …

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Member Profile: Getting to Know Wes Alford

Welcome to a new regular feature on AccountsRecovery.net. The collections and debt-buying industries are tight-knit communities, but there is a lot that we do not know about each other. To rectify that, we will be posting profiles of members on a regular basis. If you are interested in being profiled, please contact …

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