General News

PRA Announces Lower Earnings

PRA Group, one of the largest debt collection and debt-buying firms in the world, announced its third-quarter earnings yesterday and the numbers were lower than expected. The company earned $17.4 million in the third quarter, down from $51 million in the same period a year ago. Overall revenue was $229 million, …

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MasterFiles Website Down, Phone Numbers Not Connecting

The website for skiptracing company MasterFiles has been down for nearly 24 hours and phone calls trying to contact the corporate headquarters are not going through. Attempts to reach someone at the company to find out whether this was a temporary or permanent outage were not successful. If you know someone …

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FREE WEBINAR: Best Practices in Sales & Marketing

The sad fact about the collections business is, that when an agency is successful, it’s actually making itself obsolete. Most collection agencies are collecting on behalf of clients, from credit card companies to the local doctor’s office. And when those delinquent borrowers make their payments, the agency has to go …

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