Daily Digest

Daily Digest – September 17. Florida County To Stop Throwing Debtors in Jail; DECA Financial Owner Indicted

Some quick links to start your Thursday. The key to happiness at work is free snacks … The best lines from last night’s Republican presidential candidate debate … Three times as many Americans were the victims of card data breaches in 2014 compared with a year earlier … Will the Fed raise interest rates later today? Stay tuned … …

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Daily Digest – September 15. Audit Reveals Low Collection Rate; ACA Touts Declining Complaint Numbers

Some quick links to start your Tuesday. The most overvalued housing markets in the U.S. … Intel pledges to keep cars safe from hackers … Why banks are pushing hard into Bitcoin and digital currency … All eyes are on the Federal Reserve Board … A review of Apple’s latest mobile operating system, iOS9 … Is this really a thing? … …

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Daily Digest – September 14. Judge Strikes Down Garnishment Law; Calif. Legislature Passes Bill Giving Consumers Second Chance on Lawsuits

Some quick links to start your Monday. Self-driving cars could be everywhere by 2020 … How to work best with the CFPB … Near-perfect computer security may be closer than we thought … The most popular “new” baby names in the U.S. … Why the Federal Reserve Board should raise rates this week … How to transform your life in …

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