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RevSpring Announces New Chief Executive Officer

LIVONIA, MI (March 18, 2019) – RevSpring, a leading provider of consumer communications, billing, and payment solutions, announced today that healthcare industry veteran Scott MacKenzie has joined RevSpring as Chief Executive Officer and a member of RevSpring’s Board of Directors. Scott brings more than 25 years of experience in healthcare and …

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Bankruptcy a Side Effect to Getting Sick: Report

Medical debt is getting the mainstream media spotlight today, largely due to a study that sought to determine if there is a correlation between individuals who incur a significant amount of medical debt and those individuals having to file for bankruptcy protection. Nearly 60% of individuals who filed for bankruptcy …

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Citibank Urges Judge Not to Certify TCPA Collection Suit

It is impossible to determine a class of wrong-number recipients to debt collection calls because doing so requires an account-by-account review of each alleged wrong number call, according to a motion filed by Citibank, which is facing a Telephone Consumer Protection Act lawsuit for allegedly calling an individual’s cell phone …

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Collection Agency Owner Indicted in Pay-To-Play Scandal

The owner of a Pennsylvania collection agency has been indicted on six counts of fraud for allegedly steering money to a county clerks in Illinois and Florida in exchange for debt collection accounts. Donald Donagher Jr., the owner of Penn Credit, is accused of donating thousands of dollars to the …

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Takeaways from ACA International’s Spring Forum

ACA International held its 2019 Spring Forum event in Las Vegas this week. Here are some snippets and highlights of the event, which included a significant amount of great ideas and content. COMPLIANCE OVERSIGHT OF COLLECTOR COMPENSATION? Should the compliance department have oversight or knowledge of a collection agency’s compensation …

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