Healthcare Agency Opens New Office

ARStrat, a healthcare collection agency based in Sugar Land, Texas, has opened its second location, in downtown Denison, Texas. The company has already hired 75 employees to work in the new location, which is on the second floor above a Chase bank branch, and plans to add more now that the new office is officially open.

Denison is more than 300 miles away from Sugar Land, and the new office is literally on Main Street in the town’s downtown area, an uncommon spot to open a collection agency. But the company plans to be very involved in community activities and being located on Main Street will help accomplish that goal, said Fred deRivas, ARStrat’s Director of Operations and Client Services. He said he was drawn to the “vibe of the city.”

“This is unique,” deRivas said, according to a published report. “We typically don’t operate in downtowns. We operate in more suburban areas. This is our first downtown move. Which really excites us because you have a lot of business, food and things to do within walking distance. It is really good for us. We can’t wait to see how it is going to be. We want to be involved in all the festivals and things Denison has going on around town.”

The agency held a ribbon-cutting ceremony yesterday to celebrate the opening of the new office.

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