Industry Vet Lindala Talks About New Role And Importance of Employee Background Checks

In a way, Bill Lindala has joined the family business.

Lindala was recently hired as the director of investigation services for ARM Security & Investigations, a company that provides security and employee background screening. Lindala’s responsibility will be to build the company’s presence in the collections industry.

The company is owned by cousins of Lindala, who said that any collection agency should be screening candidates and new hires for a variety of potential red flags.

Those red flags include things that would pop up when conducting a credit check, criminal background check, or conversations with previous employers.

“Some smaller collection agencies, they are just doing a quick sweep on someone to see if there is anything major like a felony or criminal conviction,” Lindala said. “We’re going to hopefully have a few different packages to give people some options.”

In Lindala’s experience, most companies ask for references but fail to follow through on checking with them. Lindala said his company could also offer a pre-interview screening process for collection agencies, to potentially vet applicants and help agencies by saving them time they normally would have invested in the process.

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