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Bedard Continues Breakdown of Model Validation Notice

One of the most common questions that has been asked about collectors using the Model Validation Notice put forth by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau in Regulation F is, “Can we make any changes to it?” Collectors have asked about adding additional pieces of information, disclosures, or making other changes …

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Bedard Discusses Validation Information Exception

With every rule, there is always an exception and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s debt collection rule, known officially as Regulation F, is no different. When it comes to everything that John Bedard of Bedard Law Group has been talking about recently in episodes of “You Wanted a Rule, You …

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Bedard Discusses New Validation Period Requirements

The model validation notice represents a complete top-down overhaul of the validation notice that debt collectors have been sending since the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act was enacted back when disco was king. Among two of the major changes to the information that collectors will now be required to include …

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Friends and Colleagues Share Memories of Robbie Malone

Anyone who had the good fortune of crossing paths with Robbie Malone has a great story to share. Larger than life in many ways, Robbie epitomized everything that is good about her home state of Texas. The accounts receivable management industry is a less-colorful place today because of her passing. …

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Bedard Continues Breakdown of Validation Information Disclosures

As discussed last week, there are four pieces of information that make up what the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau refers to as “validation information” in Regulation F. They are: debt collection communication disclosures, information about the debt, information about consumer protections, and information about how the consumer can respond to …

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Bedard Breaks Down Categories of Validation Information

Once Regulation F — the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s Debt Collection Rule — goes into effect, collectors are going to have to make substantial changes to the validation notices they are sending out to consumers. Whether collectors choose to use the rule’s Model Validation Notice or continue using their own …

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