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The Caselaw that Shaped the Industry in 2021

It is likely not a surprise to anyone what the most impactful lawsuit was to the accounts receivable management industry in 2021. But the suit that was the second-most important might surprise some. And some hope that the case that was the most impactful in 2021 is also the most …

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Bedard Breaks Down Reg F’s Section on Disputes

If there is one certainty about what is going to happen once Regulation F goes into effect on November 30, it’s that individuals who receive notices from debt collectors are going to dispute more debts. By providing the option for consumers to dispute the validity of a debt on the …

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Bedard Breaks Down Sending MVN in Other Languages

America is a melting pot of cultures and backgrounds. And that means that a lot of the people living here in the United States came from places where English wasn’t the primary language that was spoken. Take me, for instance. Being Canadian, it took a lot for me to learn …

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Bedard Breaks Down Electronic Delivery of Validation Notices

For all of the excitement and possibility that surrounds the area of collectors communicating electronically with consumers via email, text messaging, and other digital channels, one of the areas that collectors tend to shy away from is sending the initial validation notice through such channels. But the Consumer Financial Protection …

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