Latest Episode of ‘The Narrative’ Breaks Down CFPB Report on Medical Debt Complaints

The increased focus and attention being paid to medical debts these days by state and federal regulators and lawmakers is changing how this type of debt is being collected, and those changes might be permanent, Leslie Bender and John Bedard discuss on the latest episode of “The Narrative.”

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau recently issued a report that analyzed complaints filed by consumers related to medical debts. One of the conclusions in that report was that there are consumers who feel they were “forced” to pay debts they might not have otherwise owed.

In this episode, Clark Hill‘s Bender and Bedard from Bedard Law Group look at each of the different conclusions and discuss their implications on how medical debt might be collected going forward. For example, with respect to consumers tho allege that they did not owe debts but were still contacted by a debt collector, Bedard discussed how Regulation F is supposed to address this very situation. For agencies, though, this may present an opportunity to engage in some active listening and really try to understand why a consumer thinks he or she does not owe this debt, Bender said.

“The Narrative” is an opportunity for those in the accounts receivable management industry to hear from experts on the most important news of the day. But it is more than just telling you what the news is: the objective of “The Narrative” is to provide ideas and insights that help you figure out what to do in reaction to that news.

Check out the full discussion between Leslie and John in the video below.

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