Company Prepping ‘Robot’ Lawyer Uses AI to Negotiate Lower Bills

Want to see a negotiation, in real-time, between a customer service agent and a bot backed by artificial intelligence? Here you go:

The company behind the negotiation is DoNotPay, which bills itself as the “world’s first robot lawyer” and is building an artificial intelligence-based app to help people fight traffic tickets. Looking at its negotiation engine and its foray into the legal world, it’s not hard to see it moving into debt collection at some point in the future, too.

If you are fighting a traffic ticket, DoNotPay wants you to wear AirPods so it can listen to what is being said and then tell you what to say in response, the company claims. The company vows to pay for the ticket if you use the technology and lose, to help it refine the model.

The company is using GPT-3, which you may have heard of recently. It’s a language engine that will provide answers and information when prompted. Ask it to help you write an email promoting a technology conference, and that’s what it does. Ask it to write a summary on Facebook v. Duguid and it does a pretty good job of that, too.

This technology will only improve over time. For years, lawyers and consumer advocates have helped consumers bait collectors into saying things during phone conversations that can lead to companies being sued for violating the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act or the Fair Credit Reporting Act. Imagine what could happen if a consumer has an artificial intelligence bot in his or her ear. Take a look at this, for example:

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