VIDEO: ACA International CEO Shares Details About Upcoming Convention

Scott Purcell, the chief executive of ACA International, wants you to know that whatever is keeping you awake at night, whatever issues you and your agency are going through, the association’s upcoming convention has educational content that will help you get through it.

“I know that there are many issues our agency members are facing today,” Purcell says in the video below. “We put together just some top-notch industry experts for the education pieces, and they’re gonna delve into all the issues from operations, the difficulty hiring, onboarding, the hybrid work environment, all the way to the complex issues that we have in our compliance management systems and how that landscape continues to evolve.”

ACA International’s convention is taking place this month at the Rosen Shingle Creek Resort in Orlando. More details are available by clicking here.

The key to walking away with information that can help improve your business or your unit is to make sure you’re prepared — to learn and to meet new people, Purcell said.

“I worked at an agency for 12 years and I had the good fortune of going to convention many times and I would always bring a list — I’d actually write out and talk to my team; What are the issues that we’re facing? What are the things that we’re really struggling with? How do we become more efficient? How do we put more to the bottom line? How do we deal with some of those things that keep us up as leaders and managers and organizations at night that we struggle with?” Purcell said. “And I actually would bring a list and it’s so funny, you might get what you’re looking for from one of the breakout sessions or one of the keynotes but you also might get a lot of solutions just from the people who you eat lunch with, or maybe have a glass of wine with at the reception. So there’s so many different ways to get information.”

Even for those who aren’t able to make it to Orlando, ACA has created a livestream opportunity where people can watch many of the presentations that will be made at the convention, Purcell said. More details are available on ACA’s website.

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