Nebraska AG Launches Consumer Protection Unit

Doug Peterson, the Attorney General of Nebraska, has announced the creation of a Consumer Affairs Response Team (CART) as a means of protecting residents of the state from frauds, scams, and deceptive business practices.

CART will accept complaints from consumers on a variety of topics, but consumers are being asked to make a “good-faith effort” to resolve any issues directly with the business prior to a complaint being filed. Once a complaint has been filed, and if CART determines that the nature of the complaint falls within its purview, it will engage in the dispute resolution process by “facilitating communication between the consumer and the business.” Participation in the dispute resolution process is voluntary and requires the cooperation of both parties.

The unit was formed after the AG’s office noted a 65% increase in the number of identity theft reports it has received as well as a 27% increase in the number of fraud and other types of consumer scams.

CART will operate within the AG’s Communications department. It can be accessed by visiting So far, it has received “hundreds of weekly contacts” since its launch, the AG’s office noted.

Along with responding to complaints, CART is also taking on a preventive role by distributing consumer protection kits to help consumers take precautionary measures against future scams. The kits include information about common frauds and scams, how consumers can reduce the number of unwanted calls, and a “thorough” guide to “detecting, deterring, and defending against identity theft.” The kits are available online or by contacting the AG’s office directly.

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