Radius Global Solutions Partners With CollaborationRoom.ai

September 10, 2021 — CollaborationRoom.ai announced today a partnership with Radius Global Solutions to deploy its agent engagement tools across its global network.   

By using the CollaborationRoom.ai platform, Radius will enhance its engagement with its remote contact center agents. This will improve overall compliance and client performance as well as measure and track agent engagement, dramatically improve the agent / supervisor relationship, and assist Radius in replicating its in-office training and quality assurance experience in a remote or virtual setting. 

“The global pandemic created the opportunity for Radius to demonstrate its resilience as we rapidly adapted to a work at home environment. As we move forward, Radius intends to continue to leverage our work at home capabilities to enhance and further diversify our global workforce. CollaborationRoom.AI will allow us to maximize agent productivity, enhance our compliance and quality assurance programs, and continue to offer best-in-class service to the global brands that we represent.” said Steven Leckerman, Chief Operating Officer of Radius. “This partnership illustrates our commitment and dedication to providing all of our global employees with the best possible work experience, while continuing to provide the highest quality of service to our client’s customers.”   

CollaborationRoom.ai‘s innovative and cutting-edge agent engagement platform works for contact centers, business-process outsourcing providers, collection agencies, and call centers of all shapes and sizes. It facilitates communication, helps maintain quality control, and enhances compliance, all of which have become critical functions for companies managing remote workforces during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

“The commitment demonstrated by Radius Global Solutions is a huge affirmation of the value that our platform can provide,” said Viji Maini, the Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer of CollaborationRoom.ai. “We believe that our technology has the power to change how contact centers are managed now, and in the future.” 

Radius Global Solutions is a leading provider of integrated omnichannel customer engagement services and technology, with 4000+ employee across 14 locations.

To learn more about Radius Global Solutions, please visit https://www.radiusgs.com.

Collaborationroom.AI is a patent pending Agent Engagement, Agent Productivity and Compliance tool, build for Contact Centers that help manage your work from team as they were in a brick-and-mortar facility. To learn more about CollaborationRoom.ai, please visit https://www.collaborationroom.ai or email viji.maini@collaborationroom.ai.

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