Debexpert Launches the World’s First Mobile App for Delinquent Debt Sellers

Debexpert, an online platform for buying and selling NPLs (Non-Performing Loans), has launched the world’s first mobile app for debt portfolio sellers. The Debexpert app, which is available for Android and iOS mobile devices, implements the basic functionality of the online auction familiar to users of the desktop version. Now, you can monitor and take part in bidding using your mobile device when mobile internet or Wi-Fi is available.

Users of the Debexpert app, will have instant access to bidding and analytics. Transparent information about the auction participants, the number of bids, the dynamics of the masked file downloads, the process of final price formation, and the complete bidding funnel, are now available on your mobile device.

You can use the application, both in “participant” and “viewer” modes. A participant can influence the process by exchanging information with buyers in chats, agreeing or disagreeing with the offered price, choosing the winning bids, and so on. A viewer can observe the bidding process in real-time and monitor the actions of bidders while remaining invisible to others.

Debexpert began operations in the U.S. in late 2020. Since then, the site has held 10 auctions, totaling $60 million in debt. Currently, the platform sells debt portfolios put up for auction by banks, online lenders, credit unions, auto lenders, and debt collectors themselves. In addition to selling NPL portfolios, in the near future, the platform will auction of performing loans.

“Selling and buying delinquent debt is quite a complicated process. We make it easier and clearer. Debexpert is probably the only company in the industry that invests, not in marketing, but in the product itself. This is our conscious choice. We believe that any IT product should get better, its improvements should be visible to customers. That’s why each new release of the sellers app will add new features, so that platform users always have the most convenient solution for selling debt” said Oleg Zankov, Product Director and Co-founder of Debexpert.

Link to download the app:

About Debexpert:
Debexpert is an online debt trading platform established in 2019. The company works with legal entities, providing services for online auctions of debt portfolios in several countries. Learn more at:

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