Bill Introduced in Senate to Double Anti-Spoofing Fines

A bipartisan bill has been introduced in the Senate that would double the penalties for individuals or entities that spoof Caller ID numbers as a means of combatting illegal robocalls.

S.594, the Anti-Spoofing Penalties Modernization Act is sponsored by Sen. Susan Collins [R-Maine], and co-sponsored by Sen. Krysten Sinema [D-Ariz.], Sen. Josh Hawley [R-Mo.], and Sen. Gary Peters [D-Mich.]. The bill was previously introduced in the last Congressional session, but never made it out of committee. That bill was backed by the same four Senators and four others, including Sen. Elizabeth Warren [D-Mass.].

Those found to be in violation of anti-spoofing laws would face penalties of $20,000 per violation, up from $10,000 currently. The maximum fine would also double, to $2 million.

“We must work together to combat the criminals who use illegal robocalls and spoofing to steal Americans’ hard-earned savings and personal information, Sen. Collins said in a statement. “By increasing penalties for spoofing violations, the bipartisan Anti-Spoofing Penalties Modernization Act would provide an additional tool in this fight.”

Under the Truth in Caller ID Act, individuals making calls are prohibited from misusing or misidentifying themselves via the Caller ID when intentionally trying to defraud, cause harm, or wrongfully obtain anything of value.

The original version of the bill also extended the statute of limitations to three years from two years to catch those violating the law. The text of the current version of the bill had not yet been published by, so it was not immediately clear of the new version of the bill would include this provision as well.

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