Artificial Intelligence Week is Coming

It might be one of the biggest mis-conceptions in the accounts receivable management industry today. Ask 10 different professionals to define either artificial intelligence or machine learning and you will likely get 10 different definitions with very little in common between them. But this technology is starting to revolutionize the debt collection industry. Surely we all need to get on the same page. And quick. Enter’s Artificial Intelligence Week.

Coming next week, Artificial Intelligence Week will present a series of events aimed at educating the industry about what AI and machine learning are and the impact the technology can have on a company’s business.

Artificial Intelligence Week is being generously sponsored by Attunely, InterProse, Pairity, and TrueAccord.

The week kicks off on Monday, August 10 with a webinar: How Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are Re-shaping the Credit and Collection Industry. Another webinar is being held on Tuesday, August 11: Improving Agent Experience & Productivity with AI, and on Wednesday, August 12: How Collection Agencies are Using Artificial Intelligence. On Thursday, August 13, the Weekly Brainstorming Session will be dedicated to the topic of Artificial Intelligence and then be followed by demonstrations from each of the sponsors of Artificial Intelligence Week. AI Week closes on Friday, August 14 with an Ask The Expert Q&A session where individuals can get all of their questions answered about the technology.

Those interested in signing up for any of the events for Artificial Intelligence Week can click here to register.

The events will feature executives and professionals from across the ARM industry who are integrating artificial intelligence and machine learning tools into their workflow to optimize how their operations are run, including determining the right time and method to contact an individual, the right type of offer to make based on relevant data, the deployment of virtual collection agents, and the right way to staff and maintain a contact center.

This technology has the opportunity to revolutionize the ARM industry in a way that has not happened since VOiP replaced traditional landlines. Sign up for the AI Week today and walk away smarter and better-prepared for the future.

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