DCI Closes Down

Once one of the largest collection agencies in the country, DCI or Diversified Consultants, Inc., has closed down, numerous sources informed AccountsRecovery.net.

In a letter that was distributed to employees in late March and reviewed by AccountsRecovery.net, the company announced it will be permanently closing its doors before April 30 and that all employees would be laid off in stages starting on April 1. Employees will not be eligible for severance pay.

“On behalf of management, we sincerely thank each and every one of you for all the hard work you have invested in our company,” the letter said. “DCI has been in business for over 25 years.”

Calls to the phone numbers listed on the company’s website — (877) 302-9264 and (800) 771-5361 — are not being connected — a repeated occurrence that has been happening since late last week. Emails sent yesterday to the addresses on the company’s “Contact Us” page did not receive a reply. Calls to a phone number listed on the company’s Facebook page — (904) 641-4572 — were also not answered.

Numerous posts on Facebook last week referred to the company’s closure.

Former employees at the company have confirmed they have heard the company closed down last week. As well, a vendor who had DCI as a client confirmed the company had canceled its contract with the vendor and was no longer in business.

DCI had enjoyed meteoric growth in recent years, quadrupling in size during the past 10 years. The company opened an office in Louisville, Ky., to go along with offices in Jacksonville, Fla., and Portland, Ore. At its peak, the company employed more than 1,200 individuals across the country.

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