Healthcare Costs Top Concern For Americans: Survey

More than half of Americans know someone who has experienced serious financial trouble because of healthcare costs, according to the results of a new survey that was conducted by a number of groups, including USA Today.

One of the survey’s key takeaways is that making healthcare more affordable is the biggest priority for Americans. Forty-percent of the survey’s respondents cited that as their top priority, over other answers like “lowering the cost of prescription drugs,” “making sure all Americans have healthcare coverage,” “making sure people with pre-existing conditions can get affordable health insurance,” and “improving the quality of healthcare.”

About 60% of respondents earning less than $100,000 either have been in serious financial trouble because of healthcare costs or know someone who has. Among those making more than $100,000, 42% have been in serious financial trouble or know someone who has.

The survey’s key takeaway is that, regardless of an individual’s political affiliation, the overwhelming majority of Americans want changes to the healthcare system. Only 7% of survey respondents said that the current healthcare system should be left the way it is. That is broken down to 8% of Republicans respondents and 4% of respondents who said they were a Democrat.

Making healthcare more affordable for “ordinary” Americans was important to 95% of the survey’s respondents.

“The findings make it clear that people are highly concerned about this issue,” the researchers wrote. “This is evident in the shared and strong agreement across political affiliations and demographic groups that significant changes to the system are badly needed. Barely anyone is arguing for a continuation of the status quo. Instead, people are ready for change toward a system that better aligns with their needs and values.”

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