Convergent Lays of 44% of Employees at Texas Location

Tuesday was the last day of work for 40 employees at Convergent Outsourcing’s office in San Antonio after the company submitted a notice to a state agency announcing the layoffs.

Convergent filed the notice with the Texas Workforce Commission in mid-September, about 60 days before the layoffs went into effect. The 40 employees represent about half of the company’s workforce in San Antonio, according to a published report.

“The reduction in force at our San Antonio facility is due to the fact that our business has been through extremely challenging years financially,” Convergent’s Jennifer Kilgore said in a letter to the Texas Workforce Commission, according to the report.

Convergent is based in Renton, Wash., and has offices across the United States, including Atlanta, Augusta, Ga., Guatemala City, Philippines, Boca Raton, Fla., Gainesville, Fla., Peoria, Ill., Houston, Phoenix, Seattle, and White Plains, N.Y., according to a page on the company’s website.

Convergent opened the office in San Antonio back in 2014, according to a company press release. At the time, the company said it would employ 400 individuals at the location, but the number of individuals working there now appears to be far less.

At the time, company CEO Mike Meyer said about the San Antonio office: “Our business is all about people, so we put a lot of thought into picking new locations. We need locations where we can attract hard-working people who will succeed in our business. San Antonio has just such a workforce we can draw from, as well as a pro-business climate and minimal commute problems. We are very excited about the new center.”

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