Pirro Campaign Says $600k in Debts Not Collectible Because SOL Has Expired

Judge Jeanine Pirro is trying to use the law to her advantage in not having to repay $600,000 in debts from her failed bid to become a Senator back in 2006.

Now a host for Fox News and with her own court show on TV, Pirro is arguing that the six year statute of limitations on debt collection activity in New York renders her debts uncollectible as she attempts to dissolve her campaign committee.

Generally, the Federal Elections Committee will not allow a campaign committee to be terminated until its debts have been paid, forgiven, or settled, according to a published report. The committee has not filed required campaign finance reports with the FEC since 2012, according to the report.

Near the end of a 16-page document detailing all of her outstanding debts, a handwritten note says, under the heading, “Explanation of elimination of Debt Obligations: These debts, based on contract, are not collectable as the NYS 6 year statute of limitations has long passed.”

The committee attempted to settle the debts years ago, according to a campaign spokesman, but could not reach agreements with all the creditors. Now, the committee has no money left in which to pay the debts, even if it were legally required to do so.

The largest debt is $117,449.09 owed to FLS Connect, a political communications consulting firm.

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