Stirling Capital Advisors Acquires NDSE Debt-Trading Platform from CMAX Finance

West Palm Beach, FL – September 3, 2018 — Stirling Capital Advisors formally announces its acquisition of the NDSE debt-trading platform from CMAX Finance, LLC, formerly known as CreditMax.

The NDSE was the ARM Industry’s original, innovative, electronic debt-trading platform, where over 4,000 registered debt buyers could purchase debt instantly and electronically, even on an individual account-level basis. Several of the ARM Industry’s leading firms and Credit Issuers used the NDSE to trade different types of delinquent consumer accounts, including Credit Cards, Auto Loans, Payday Loans, Medical debt, Student Loans, Telecom accounts, Judgments and Short-term Installment debts. As part of the acquisition, Stirling has agreed to rename the platform in the future.

Stirling founder Edward S. Forbes spoke about the prospects for the new platform. Mr. Forbes was an original Co-Founding Member of CreditMax and was instrumental during the platform’s original development, implementation and launch in 2005. “I am certain that this proven sales platform, coupled with our relationship-based sales approach, will allow Stirling to more efficiently meet the needs of Credit Issuers, Debt Buyers and Sellers alike.”

Managing Member Michael Woodyshek explained the vision for the new platform; “We will initially use the electronic trading platform as a complement to our existing Sales Advisory and Asset Disposition services. When dealing with direct-from-Issuer sales, many of our existing clients have been choosing to sell only on a National basis, in part due to the increased regulatory environment. However, this platform will give us the ability to marry our existing Compliance and Buyer Approval processes with our personalized sales approach, giving us more flexibility and diversity with our portfolio offerings, as we move forward.”

Stirling Capital Advisors was formed in 2008 to provide personalized debt sales and advisory services to credit issuers and select national portfolio owners. Over the past 10 years, Stirling’s Principals have worked exclusively with several Nationally-recognized credit issuers to deliver effective sales, recovery and portfolio financing solutions.

If you would like more information about this topic, please contact Michael Woodyshek at 561.901.9756or email at [email protected].

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