National Creditors Bar Association Is the New Identity of NARCA

This month, NARCA is pleased to announce that National Creditors Bar Association is now the official name of the national bar association. The change to National Creditors Bar Association was overwhelmingly passed recently in a vote by the membership. This is an historic day in the 25th Anniversary year of the bar association.

“NARCA” is a vestige of the National Association of Retail Collections Attorneys, which the Association officially ceased to use as its official name two and a half years ago. The acronym persisted until this year, but was limiting and no longer adequately described the expanding bar association as it broadened its membership beyond retail collection to include all 19 areas of creditors rights-related legal representation.

National Creditors Bar Association, as opposed to “NARCA,” does not limit the type of creditors-rights attorneys in its membership. It encompasses all areas of creditors’ rights. It will enhance the Association’s ability to support creditors rights attorneys with more diverse practices. It also requires no further explanation; National Creditors Bar Association is definitive. The name is stronger and easily understood by all.

With the new name comes a new logo and domain name for the organization:

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