Daily Digest – November 24. CFPB Pushes Back Debt Collection Rule; Analyzing The Numbers of Encore, PRA

Some quick links to start your Tuesday. Ontario Systems has announced an integration with TransUnion’s new scoring model to better analyze payment histories and score accounts for likely recoveries … An overview of Congress’s actions to push back against the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau … How to split your time to grow your business … Everything else is getting upgraded these days, so why not make ovens smarter, too? … Google wants to help you get a better mortgage … Everything you need to know about Black Friday … My kids and I are going to miss this show … Predictions for 2016 … Inside the office of Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff … Five dozen technology companies have joined together to fight against weakening encryption and allowing backdoors to fight terrorism … The orange industry in Florida is in its worst slump in a century … Walmart will post 2,000 Cyber Monday deals early … The worst traffic bottleneck in the country is costing people $418 million in lost revenue … Phrases that sabotage your confidence.


  • The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, in a report to Congress that was submitted last Friday, announced that the proposed debt collection rule will not be ready until at least the Spring of 2016, a few months later than originally projected.
  • An in-depth analysis of the financials of Encore Capital and Portfolio Recovery Associates. One conclusion…Encore’s “financial statement looks like walking through a mine field.”
  • The city of Springfield, Illinois, is owed more than $1 million in unpaid fines and tickets and the city is considering hiring a collection agency to recoup that money.
  • A Chicago man won a lawsuit against a collection agency for sending collection letters without verifying the debt.

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