Daily Digest – November 20. FTC Holds Debt Collection Event; Lenders Taking Student Loan Borrowers To Court

Some quick links to start your Thursday. The Federal Reserve will likely raise interest rates at its next meeting in December, according to minutes from the last meeting … Regulators will be on top of banks to keep up their cybersecurity efforts … Former vice president Dan Quayle thinks Donald Trump has a shot at becoming the next president … Gadgets to help throw a legendary party … The skill that separates the jobless from the employed … Which restaurant has the best chicken nuggets … Three tips to getting a better night’s sleep … A guide to buying a smartwatch … How an engineer turned a blog into a $400 million business … Why TV networks are now more reluctant to cancel shows.


  • The Federal Trade Commission held its third – and final – Debt Collection Dialogue event yesterday. The final event was held in Atlanta and featured speakers and representatives from both the regulatory and industry side of the table. Judging by the initial reaction, the reaction to this event was much like the reaction to the first two events held in Buffalo in June and Dallas in September – that it was great for the FTC to assemble and host the event, but there was little actual progress in getting both sides to work better together.
  • More student loan borrowers are being taken to court for missing their payments, according to a published report. Lenders are playing “hardball,” according to the report, when it comes to getting borrowers to make good on their financial obligations.
  • Student loan debt is playing a much larger role when young Americans decide whether to buy a house, according to a new study.

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