FTC Announces Panelists, Agenda For Final Debt Collection Event

Representatives from three states, a handful of regulatory agencies, and several industry participants will be the speakers at the Federal Trade Commission‘s final Debt Collection Dialogue event, to be held Nov. 18, in Atlanta.

Among those representing the industry will be Harvey Moore, the new president of NARCA, Nick Jarman, president of Delta Outsource Group and a member of ACA International‘s board, Brett Soldevila, the chief Compliance officer at Security Credit Services and the chairman of DBA International‘s certification standards committee. The topics for each of the panel discussions have yet to be announced.

This will be the third of three events the FTC has held around the country. The first event was in Buffalo this past June and was widely panned for not including industry participants as speakers. The second event, held in Dallas last month, was more widely accepted for inviting several members of the collections and the debt-buying industries as speakers. The event still lacked the feel of a true dialogue, attendees said, but was a step in the right direction.

The event will also feature the attorney general of Georgia, a representative from the Tennessee AG’s office, a representative from the South Carolina Department of Consumer Affairs, and representatives from the Federal Trade Commission, Office of the Comptroller of the Currency, and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

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