Daily Digest – August 14. NJ Bill Would Give ID Theft Victims Collections Break; Consumers in Korea Jailed For Abusing Collectors

Some quick links to start your Friday. An op-ed column on the new South Dakota “Obligation Recovery Center” … One in five Americans is supporting a child or parent, to the tune of $12,000 per year, on average … The amount of non-housing debt increased by $67 billion in the second quarter, according to the Federal Reserve Bank of New York … Samsung unveils two new smartphones … Why banks are scared of China … Researchers have built new password technology that matches ambient sound heard by your computer and your cell phone to ensure they are both in the same place … Self-driving cars make us safer … An inside look at Mondo, a bank that is nothing more than a smartphone app.


  • Collectors are going to have to give consumers in New Jersey who claim they are victims of identity theft a break for 45 days, according to new legislation that was passed in the state Senate yesterday. Consumers will have 45 days from the time they are contacted by a collector to provide written notice claiming to be an iD theft victim.
  • Consumers in Korea can be fined or put in jail for abusing call center and collection workers. One man, who made more than 9,000 calls abusing debt collectors during a 12-month period, was sentenced to 18 months in prison.
  • Bill Bartmann, a collection agency owner in Oklahoma, has started a new venture that helps consumers better understand their credit scores and then works to help raise those scores.

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