Daily Digest – August 13. FCC Announces Robocall Workshop; Tennessee Court Looking For Help Recouping $16 Million in Unpaid Fines

Some quick links to start your Thursday. Citizen’s Bank is paying $35 million in fines for not crediting consumers with the full amount of their deposits, when the amount deposited did not match the amount on the deposit slip … What to do when the domain name you want is taken … With the proliferation of hackers being able to control cars remotely, this is a relevant question: are Internet-connected cars worth the risk? … Former president Jimmy Carter has cancer … Kraft Heinz is laying off 2,500 workers … Why the government should kill off passwords … The countries that supply the most immigrants to each state … How to project power in the workplace … Ford has unveiled seats that conform to each individual butt cheek.


  • The Federal Communications Commission announced yesterday that it will be holding an workshop on robocalls  and caller ID spoofing on Wednesday, Sept. 16. The event will be hosted at the FCC’s headquarters in Washington, D.C., but will also be webcast live for any interested viewers. The FCC has not listed a specific agenda for the workshop, but did say that it will be “examining the current state of robocall-blocking solutions, steps industry is taking to protect consumers from unwanted robocalls, and potential solutions to caller ID spoofing.”
  • The Knox Count (Tenn.) Criminal Court is looking at hiring a debt collector to help recoup more than $16 million in unpaid restitution payments.
  • Experian has released its latest auto finance report, which details, in part, where delinquency rates on auto loan are highest and lowest. Overall, the delinquency rate on auto loans was 2.32% in the second quarter, which represents the lowest rate in five years for that particular period, according to the credit bureau.

My school-aged kids (going into sixth and second grades) would definitely agree with this as they do their summer homework

Mentalist The Amazing Kreskin on the importance of communication skills

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