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Veteran Comes Home And Takes Fight To Fake Debt Collectors

Ray Bueno is a former Marine who served two tours before returning home in 2013. When he came home, he paid $3,850 over an 11-month span to a fake debt collection company that was threatening him. The experience led Ray to create his own YouTube channel, “Keeping it Real With Credit.” The channel has more than 47,000 subscribers.

Bueno has uploaded 13 different videos, most of them during the last couple of months. The topics in his videos range from talking with a lawyer about what people should know about wage garnishment to “How to Collect From the Debt Collector.”

Bueno ended up suing the individuals who were collecting from him and received full restitution. Admitting that if this could happen to him then it could happen to anyone, Bueno started his YouTube channel to educate individuals about credit and collections.

“This situation that happened to me could very well happen to the next veteran. It’s a problem for everybody,” Bueno said. “And for some reason … this information is not promoted anywhere at all whatsoever. So somebody has to do it.”

Having returned from tours in Iraq and Afghanistan, Bueno obtained a degree in advertising and is now interning at Univision to build his video production skills.

He is looking for professionals in the financial services industry to help him educate individuals about credit and collections.


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