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Sexual Attack Survivor Just Wants Calls From Debt Collectors To Stop

A Texas woman was receiving calls from debt collectors over an unpaid medical bill. The problem? The bill was for a sexual assault examination after she claimed she had been attacked by a co-worker. Texas state law says that police departments and other law enforcement agencies must cover the cost of sexual assault examinations. The woman could not figure out why she was being contacted.

The calls from the collection agency forced the traumatic incident back to the surface for the woman, who said she had never visited the hospital in question for any other reason other than the sexual assault examination. She also never received a bill from the hospital for the exam. She tried to get the collection agency to stop contacting her and thought she had been successful until she received another call this week.

She went to a local TV station for help, and the station was able to get the hospital to adjust the bill so that the woman would not be contacted by a collection agency again.

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