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FCC Banishes Telecom Company After Not Addressing Robocall Rules

The Federal Communications Commission yesterday announced it had excommunicated a telecom company for failing to take the necessary steps to block consumers from receiving robocalls, ordering other companies to stop accepting traffic from Global UC. Global UC was one of six companies warned last month by the FCC that its …

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FCC Looks to Expand STIR/SHAKEN to non-IP Phones

The Federal Communications Commission on Thursday announced its first steps toward closing a “small but still important hole” in its robocall protection defense, launching a Notice of Inquiry into expanding the STIR/SHAKEN call authentication protocols for non-IP networks. STIR/SHAKEN went into effect last year, requiring carriers to deploy technology that …

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FCC Enforcement Action to Block Calls from Seven Carriers

For the first time ever, the Federal Communications Commission has announced enforcement actions that will remove seven different carriers from its Robocall Mitigation Database after being accused of failing to implement anti-spam measures like the STIR/SHAKEN protocols. The companies have 14 days to prove to the FCC why they should …

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FCC Goes After Two Providers For Not Meeting STIR/SHAKEN Deadlines

The Federal Communications Commission yesterday announced that two telecom companies have failed to fully implement the STIR/SHAKEN protocols and have been referred to the regulator’s enforcement unit for further investigation. The providers — Bandwidth and Vonage — also lost any “leniency” that STIR/SHAKEN provided to networks that were attempting to …

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FCC Takes More Action to Fight Against Robocalls

A new anti-robocall deadline went into effect last week and the Federal Communications Commission issued a Further Notice of Proposed Rulemaking to take additional steps to block robocalls from being connected with consumers as the fight against robocalls continued. First, as of September 28, phone companies are prohibited from accepting …

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STIR/SHAKEN Compliance Deadline is Today

Today is a new day for companies making calls, including those in the accounts receivable management industry. Starting today, phone carriers are required to deploy the STIR/SHAKEN call authentication protocols that were built to combat the illegal spoofing of phone numbers and provide consumers with a level of comfort that …

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