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Va. Gov. Vetoes SOL, Debt Collection Bills

The governor of Virginia has vetoed two bills related to medical debt collection, although there may be enough voted in the state legislature to override both vetoes, according to published reports. One bill, introduced by state Rep. Nadarius Clark, would have lowered the statute of limitations on medical debts to …

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Judge Denies MTD in Amended CFPB Debt Collection Case

An Appeals Court judge, sitting in the District Court for the District of Delaware by designation, has denied a motion to dismiss filed by 15 defendants who were sued by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau for engaging in illegal debt collection practices related to student loans, because the defense raised …

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Ohio Passes Bill Shortening Statute of Limitations

The Ohio legislature has passed a bill that will reduce the statutes of limitations on filing lawsuits to collect on debts to four or six years, depending on whether a written contract exists. The bill will now proceed to Gov. Mike DeWine for his signature to become law, and he …

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