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NY DFS Issues Proposed Amendments to Debt Collection Regulation

The New York Department of Financial Services yesterday released its proposed amendment to the state’s debt collection regulation, which adopts some of what is included in Regulation F, while also introducing some new wrinkles that seek to protect consumers by putting them on “a path to financial well-being,” according to …

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NY DFS Proposes Reg to Curb Surprise Medical Bills

The New York State Department of Financial Services has issued a proposed regulation that aims to protect consumers who are provided misinformation about whether healthcare providers are part of their insurance network. The proposed regulation is an attempt, being promoted by consumer advocacy groups, to reduce what are known as …

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N.Y. Gov. Nominates New DFS Superintendent

New York Gov. Kathy Hochul yesterday nominated Adrienne Harris, a former economic advisor to President Obama, to be the next Superintendent of the state’s Department of Financial Services. Harris, if confirmed, will replaced Linda Lacewell, who resigned last month in the wake of the scandal that brought down Gov. Andrew …

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NY DFS Superintendent Announces Resignation

Linda Lacewell, the Superintendent of the New York Department of Financial Services, has announced her resignation and will leave office on August 24, the same day as departing Gov. Andrew Cuomo. Lacewell has been tied to the sexual harassment claims made against the governor, allegedly helping work to discredit one …

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