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NY DFS Releases Amended Debt Collection Rules

The New York Department of Financial Services yesterday issued its long-awaited debt collection rule amendments, which are scheduled to take effect in 180 days, in late June 2023. Among the amendments are: When sending written notification within five days after the initial communication, collectors must include validation information required under …

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NY DFS Proposes New Cybersecurity Regs

The New York Department of Financial Services yesterday announced proposed amendments to its cybersecurity regulation, including increasing the size threshold for companies that are exempt from following much of the regulation, while also requiring more risk and vulnerability assessments and investing in training and cybersecurity awareness programs, among other changes. …

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NY DFS Brings Back Consumer Protection Council

The New York Department of Financial Services yesterday announced it was relaunching its Consumer Protection Advisory Council, and that the group has already held its first meeting. Along with bringing the group out of mothballs, the DFS also sought to expand Council’s membership, adding 14 new members, bringing the overall …

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NY DFS Issues Proposed Amendments to Debt Collection Regulation

The New York Department of Financial Services yesterday released its proposed amendment to the state’s debt collection regulation, which adopts some of what is included in Regulation F, while also introducing some new wrinkles that seek to protect consumers by putting them on “a path to financial well-being,” according to …

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NY DFS Proposes Reg to Curb Surprise Medical Bills

The New York State Department of Financial Services has issued a proposed regulation that aims to protect consumers who are provided misinformation about whether healthcare providers are part of their insurance network. The proposed regulation is an attempt, being promoted by consumer advocacy groups, to reduce what are known as …

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N.Y. Gov. Nominates New DFS Superintendent

New York Gov. Kathy Hochul yesterday nominated Adrienne Harris, a former economic advisor to President Obama, to be the next Superintendent of the state’s Department of Financial Services. Harris, if confirmed, will replaced Linda Lacewell, who resigned last month in the wake of the scandal that brought down Gov. Andrew …

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